Most people think that branding is limited to the company’s logo and brand name. Well, they are not wrong, those two are both a core part of branding; nevertheless, they are not all what it is. Branding is everything that helps establish the desired company perception in the mind of the customer including brand design, promise, identity, image, story and many more. 

Now after we briefly listed the components of branding, we should delve into why is branding so important? What perks does branding offer to a business? How properly designed and executed branding can take a marketing strategy to the next level? 


It shows customers what makes you, you: 

Great branding shows customers how unique you are and highlights what sets you apart from the rest of your competitors. Your brand should be able to tell your story effortlessly by establishing brand-defining keywords, colors, and designs that emulate who you are.  A great example to this is Apple’s brand where they set themselves apart from other tech companies by building their brand to be one that radiates an innovative spirit and luxury feel. Everything from their logo and device design to their slogans and colors work together to establish said perception. 

Branding helps you build an emotional connection: 

We are social and emotional creatures, so establishing an emotional connection between your business and your customers is obviously of utmost importance, and branding helps you do exactly that. Branding shares the company’ values and what it stands for, it identifies the personality to the company, and establishes a perceived familiarity. All of that helps build that much needed emotional connection with the business. Which brings us to our next point.   

Proper branding creates brand advocates:  

After the brand has established an emotional connection with customers, it becomes easy for the company to turn said customers into brand advocates; customers of a business who proactively share about the company to their networks via social, word of mouth, email, or through content without any incentive other than their love for the brand. They increase the brand visibility organically and showcase how good your products or services are. Because people trust other users more than corporate messages, your brand becomes more valued. Brand advocates also are three times more likely to share brand information with someone they don’t know.  


Branding gives the company purpose and guidance: 

Branding forces businesses to think deeply about what they stand for, what their missions and visions are, and what they hold as their core values. All that gives the company purpose and guides it when it comes to decision making of all forms. 


Your brand is the first thing customers experience; it is their first impression of your company. A company with a bad brand will leave a negative perception in the mind of the customer regardless of the quality of the products and services. So having proper branding should be on top priority.  

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