What makes us your best option when you need professional assistance?

iMC’s teams are highly qualified with experience in improving ebusiness performance. We care about our team’s development and evaluation to deliver the optimal outcomes for you.
By having various specialized professionals- marketing specialists, virtual agents, content writers, graphic designers, customer support agents- iMC is confident to deliver the right help your business needs.

What We Offer

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Services for Amazon Sellers

Our Expert team is trained to cover your needs to grow your business. We help in product page optimization, EBC, image designs, store building, amazon advertising, Listing translation & much more!

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Services for eBay Sellers

Our expert team is always up to date on the latest eBay trends. We help you set up your product page and design images like no other

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Customer Service

Our customer support agents come from a high educational and analytical background. They can service your eCommerce channels, emails, chat-bots, etc.

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eCommerce Services

We help you set up your own website and store and seamlessly transfer your data between the different platforms and databases you use

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Digital Marketing

We help you manage your social media pages, blog and campaigns. We work with you on your strategies, content and branding

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Virtual Assistance

Our VA assistants will help you with various tasks anytime taking mundane small tasks out of your way for optimal productivity

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Design Services

Our creative design team could help you with any instructed designs. We create your logo, edit your photos, initiate any design for you, & brand your business in terms of colors & concepts

Other Services

We can help you kick off your business into higher gear with a qualified managed offshore team. We also offer additional services such as content writing and translation services

Completed Projects

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We spent a lot of time looking for professional photo editor for our e-commerce store and finally got in touch with iMultiChannel. They have been of excellent support by offering amazing editing services in a timely manner and at a great price. Would absolutely recommend it to everyone.

R. Aziz, MOSH

Our Workflow

1. On-boarding

  • The on-boarding process is the process of hiring and screening the VA whereby you contact us for a managed service.
  • You can interview the agent if you like and set your own educational and professional qualifications for your VA.
  • Not sure what you want? Contact us to learn more.

2. Planning

  • The planning process is the process where our Team Leaders, in coordination with you, set a plan to achieve your desired goals.
  • This plan will be evaluated, monitored, assessed, and revised continuously.
  • Plans will have defined metrics and achievable & measurable goals.
  • We hand out guides on how does the work flow in your company go with your collaboration that help in planning the suitable strategy for you
  • They are the basis and guide for achieving fantastic results!

3. Training

  • The training process is the process where our professional virtual agents is guided to what is fit specifically for your company.
  • The processes that must be followed and the responsibilities for delivery ought to be discussed with our VAs.
  • We train them on eCRM or software that are used in your industry.
  • We collaborate with you on keeping record of explanatory videos and documents that might be crucial if you ever decide to hire another VA!

4. Delivering

  • The delivery process is the process where everything is set-up to start the outsourcing tasks & duties for our VA.
  • You will have your VA or service up and running where you will be in contact directly with the virtual agent and/or his/her supervisor.
  • We aim to keep the bonds strong and the contact sufficiently concise and efficient to guarantee optimal performance.

5. Evaluating and Modifying

  • The evaluating & modifying process is the process where our team leaders & you review the performance of the VA.
  • You are open to suggest plans or workflow modifications.
  • This crucial step is key towards achieving better, as this is what iMultiChannel strives for!

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