Social media isn’t just a platform for users to connect with friends and family in different locations, it has grown exponentially. Now, social media is a powerful way for business owners to create two-way conversations with potential customers.

According to a study conducted by Management Decision, they found that social media usage has a very strong positive impact on organizations’ performance, in terms of cost reduction, improved customer relations, and enhanced information accessibility.

However, Social media is a double-edged sword. If used improperly, it could lead to the opposite of your desired outcomes, which is why we gathered the most important mistakes to avoid when it comes to social media.

  • You don’t have a clear strategy

Social Media can be a huge waste of time if you do not have a proper strategic plan. Randomly posting things on your social media accounts and sharing some of your content here and there with the aim of attracting followers or fans won’t provide your business the opportunity to grow and advance.

You need to specify your goals and budget. Plan a concrete strategy that defines what you are trying to accomplish, how you will accomplish it, how you will measure the results, and the resources you must allocate.

  • Not appealing to your audience

Your social media posts and content should be designed to fuel conversation with your audience. If your posts are un-appealing to your audience, then they’re automatically useless. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and ask, “What would they like to see more?”

Since social media is part of the modern digital revolution, use it as a leverage to showcase your business in a refreshing and enjoyable light, instead of using the informal tone. Avoid insensitive and controversial topics since talking about them might offend your customers and turn-off potential customers as well.

  • You’re not optimizing for each social network.

Utilizing a wide variety of different social media accounts is highly recommended. Yet, a common misstep business owners’ make is duplicating posts and content to re-share on different platforms.

Always keep in mind that audiences on different social networks are different. Your audience on Facebook will greatly differ in comparison to your audience on LinkedIn. Audiences are unique, and the content delivered should be unique too.

  • Relying too much on automation

People use social media for the purpose of interacting with other people. If they can tell that your posts or replies are automated, they will feel impersonal towards your business which will lead to your audience to distance themselves.

Your social media presence must have a personal touch. Skip on the unnecessary automated posts and replies, and instead add a personal and authentic feel to your brand.

  • Failing to use KPIs

Marketing your business on social media is no different from any other marketing strategy. Hence, you should be measuring the impact your social media efforts have on your business using Key performance indicators (KPIs).

Having the proper measurement and analytics tools working for your business would help you accurately tell what social media strategy is working and what isn’t.


They key takeaway here is the understanding that if you want to increase revenue in an efficient and budget friendly way, making the best out of the available social media tools will benefit you greatly only if you keep in mind the above mistakes to avoid.

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