In the most recent years, the world has seen a significant increase in demand for virtual assistants. As face to face communication is continuously being replaced by human to computer interaction, more and more businesses are learning to utilize new online means. Hence, a growth in the amount of VA’s have been surfacing.

In a study on the usability and user perception of customer service systems for e-commerce by the Heinrich-Heine-University of Germany, they found that apparent technology used in the construction of the virtual assistant has a substantial influence on user experience. The users’ online interaction and experience with the virtual assistant was found to be more intuitive and therefore more enjoyable.

These talented professionals all over the world garner a great number of perks. However, with this new immerging pathway to assistance came a lot of misconceptions. Which is why it’s key to debunk the top six offshoring VA myths to gain a better perspective on the on-going form of assistantship dominating the market.

  1. “Requires expensive technology

Most telecommunication sectors worldwide provide 24/7 internet connectivity through a primary fiber optic cable network. Combine that with the accessibility of the internet connection and good electronic utilities (PCs, monitors, headsets etc) you’ll end up realizing how extremely easy it is to contact anyone, anywhere without breaking the bank.

  1. “It is a strenuous process”

One of the top myths that circulates around offshoring is that it can seem like a difficult and long process since it is mainly based on communicating with an assistant outside of the country you’re in.

Yet, what most people don’t know is that remote smooth procedures and workflows are built in the VA’s working model. For example, working in different time zones can come to your advantage. Rather than assigning eight-hour shifts, you can develop a schedule that maximizes output while keeping costs in check. It’s not only a simple process, but a budget friendly one.

  1. “Decreases Opportunities for Locals”

A very popular myths when it comes to jobs offshore is that it takes away opportunities for local workers. Believers of this myth fail to realize the competition offshoring VA’s provide. Offshoring more labor-intensive work leads to businesses assigning their local employees more value. Ultimately, the competitive field results in revenue generating tasks. Offshoring does not decrease opportunities from the local sector but rather ignites a sense of ambition and motivation for local team members to deliver more to your company.

  1. “Compared to local work, offshore labor generates poor productivity”

VA’s number one goal is client satisfaction. They know they are in a highly competitive field, and that they’ve been selectively chosen by an employer from a different country for a specific reason. Thus, VA’s are continuously engaged in ongoing trainings with the aim of producing top-quality work in a timely manner.

  1. “Offshore VA’s aren’t fluent in English”

Besides being a statement based on generalizations, most offshore VA’s are in fact bilingual and usually fluent in English. Considering the virtual assistant has to communication with a foreign employer, the English language is almost always the universal language used, making it a must for VA’s to encompass the language.

During iMC’s interview process, we test all new assistants to make sure that their oral and written English communication skills are excellent. This allows our customers and partners to completely trust the process as well as the end results.

  1. “It has a great deal of data security risk”

When deciding on an offshore VA for your business, you are supposed to have complete transparency and control over your information and systems. This means that a security policy is obligatory in ensuring all your data is safe.
European data protection laws today ensures that VA companies will protect your day against unauthorized usage.

iMC guarantees the safety of your data, by confirming that all of our VA’s are present to work in our offices under strict safety and security guidelines;  24 hours video and audio surveillance and active monitoring software reassures clients’ confidence and provides accountability.


All in all, offshore VA’s use their diverse skills to leave a positive mark on their clients’ businesses, making sure it runs smoothly as expected. No matter what job you need to be completed, you can find a qualified virtual assistant who has the skill set you’re looking for at iMC.

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